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Scott Doggett
Scott DoggettCo-Founder

Scott Doggett’s connection with fertilizers reaches back to his grandfather, Sydney Doggett, who started Doggett & Pfeil (D&P!) in the 1920s in Springfield, NJ. They were innovators in the tree and turf nutrient space during the advent of the commercial fertilizer industry. His father, Albert Doggett, carried on the tradition and his expertise and efforts continue to this day. Scott has worked in every aspect of his family’s business, from millwork to warehouse and from payroll to marketing. His background and enthusiasm help define D&P as a stand-alone player in this latest frontier of commercial greenhouse growing. Get to know me, a towering 5′ 8″, blue eyes, quick witted and loves chainsaw sculpting.

David Ellerstein
David EllersteinCo-Founder

An idea, no matter how great, is meaningless without meticulous execution and remarkable passion. Over an almost 30-year career, David developed an impressive track record of taking innovative niche business concepts and transforming them into viable, revenue generating realities. A hands on results oriented Entrepreneurial Executive that has an innate knack for recognizing, developing and maximizing one’s potential of human capital, ultimately creating a cultural environment of which all are performance driven contributors to the business’s success. Since early in the journey David has been driven by the mantra that luck is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration. Most recently, he led the charge of empowering cannabis retailers with the tools to thrive in the most complex legal and regulatory environment in the history of retail. Get to know me, 6’ 1”, brown hair (greying, in a sophisticated-like manner), hazel eyes, charming personality and make my own clothing.

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