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Pro - 4000 WiFi

This fogging unit can cover up to
800 000 ft³ in 180 seconds using only one gallon of product.

Ideal for the grow operations that have huge requirements in
terms of scale. At a push of a button, or remotely activated, the
Pro-4000 can essentially replace a small workforce saving you
time and money, guaranteed.

Improving efficiencies exponentially!


  • Weight of the fog machine: About 130 lbs
  • Weight with packaging: About 138 lbs
  • Dimension of the machine: 12,0 X 17,32 X H 17,12
  • Dimension of the packaging: 19 X 24 X H 24
  • Colors: White
  • Backup power: Over 5 hours
  • Initial warm-up: About 8 hours
  • Verticle mounting: Yes
  • Horizontal mounting: Yes
  • WiFi integration: Yes


  • Coverage in a single shot: Up to 800 000 ft³
    ( Light Fog )
  • Max seconds of fog emission: 180 sec
  • Max fog emitted with full fluid bag: 800 000 ft³
  • Shot: Programmable in seconds


  • Power supply: 230v or 110v
  • Average power consumption: 80w
  • Back up battery: Yes
  • Shot confirmation: Yes
  • Power supply: Yes


  • Compiles with European CE: Yes
  • Meets European standard: Yes

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