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Eco Green Plant Wash™

It’s time to give your plants a tune-up! Eco Green Plant Wash is exactly what the plant doctor ordered. Use it in-between oil-based pesticide applications to eliminate growth retarding film and restore plant luster at the same time.  See how much better the plants look when their stomata and chloroplasts are cleansed!

Oh my goodness, watch those plants pray after it is applied!

A must-use for all growers using oil-based pesticides! Why? The oil and detergent in the pesticide is a relatively good thing. However, when the oil and detergent dries, it forms a film over the stomata and the chloroplasts. That’s a bad thing. The film restricts the co2 and oxygen atmospheric exchange and light from entering the leaf. Consequently, the quality of your plants is reduced. Apply Eco Green Plant Wash to remove pesticide residue, then apply it between pesticide applications.

Use Eco Green in-between pesticide applications!!!

Outdoors, atmospheric disturbances from electricity generate EMF.

Outdoor atmospheric disturbances generate EMF (electromagnetic frequencies) that stick dust, pollen, and other things to the plants. Use Eco Green Plant Wash to keep them cleansed! Your plants will love you for it!

Use Eco Green Plant Wash!

Indoors, electronic equipment generates EMF

Indoors, we find that electronic equipment (lighting, air conditioners, fans, and others) can also cause EMF which in turn charges dust and dirt particles to stick to plant surfaces just like they do outdoors. Those growers who have grown indoors for a long period will have noticed how dirty objects can get. Where did the dirt and grime come from and why is it so hard to remove? Dirt can defy gravity by flying into a room from an opened door. 

Water is not enough to get the job done

Water is not enough to get the job done. Eco Green Plant Wash has been formulated to un-lock all that is unwanted from plant surfaces. Removing dirt from plant surfaces is much like removing it from humans. Humans look for a gentle surfactant to allow their skin to not only be free of pollutants but leave their skin looking and feeling great. Eco Green Plant Wash’s gentle surfactant leaves the plant surfaces free of unwanted pollutants while being kind to the plant.

A positive mood change follows an invigoration shower.

We all know that every living thing prefers to be cleansed regularly. For humans, a positive mood change follows an invigorating shower. Plants are much the same. When they get an invigorating shower, you can see and feel their gratefulness and relief. Plants love to have the dirt and grime removed from their leaves, stems, and roots. Whether the plants are growing outdoors or indoors, the environment around them contributes to less than appealing plant luster as dirt and grime adhere to plant surfaces. You know your plants, watch their mood change after using Eco Green Plant Wash!

EPM frequently tests its ingredients

EPM frequently tests its ingredients to assure growers that the products it sells will not hurt the grower or the environment when used as directed. Eco Green Plant Wash does not use undesirable chemicals in its formula that would fail lab testing for consumable plants.

We hope you will give Eco Green Plant Wash a try. We know you will be so delighted with how nice your plants look and feel, you will use Eco Green regularly.

4 gal./case