Amber Soil Ambrosia


Amber Soil Ambrosia is a soil conditioner that blends Humates and beneficial Mycorrhizae fungi that colonize the plant’s root mass and increase its ability to absorb water and nutrients, while improving yields and health. (full Description below)

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Amber Soil Ambrosia is a two-part soil conditioner containing 50% humates and 50% mycorrhizae. Humate is primarily made of humic and fulvic acids, which help build organic matter in soil, stimulate microbial activity, reduce salinity in the soil, stabilize soil pH and chelate Iron, Magnesium, Zinc & Copper. Our Amber Soil Ambrosia also contains both endo- and ecto-mycorrhizae, which form a symbiotic relationship with the plant’s root system, increasing the root’s surface area allowing for greater nutrient uptake. Additionally, mycorrhizae help prevent root diseases, increases tolerance to salt and drought and helps to create an ideal soil structure that drains, breaths and retains moisture. These two ingredients work together to help your plants vigorously produce healthier and higher yields of quality buds.


Humate 50.00%
Mycorrhizae 50.00%

Nutrients Derived from: Leonardite, 4 endomycorrhizal and 7 ectomycorrhizal fungi

Application Rate: Mix 1 Tbsp. (15 ml.) per gallon container of soil/grow media. Do not use for soiless growing.

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Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 13 × 14 in

10lb bag, 25lb bag


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