3-0-0+Ca - Liquid Calcium Nitrate

5.28 gal. (20 liter)

AgriHusta Liquid complex fertilizer NPK 3-0-0+Ca is liquid complex fertilizer on organic Calcium Nitrate basis. Listed OMRI certification standard. It is 100% water soluble, ionic structure and transparent mineral solution. It contains elements available for plants. During plant feeding time the fertilizer in contact by water no foaming.

Liquid fertilizer is adapted for professional organic and sustainable agriculture to cultivate plants on peat substrate, rockwool, hydroponic, aquaponics or soil-based media for first plant growth stages.  Applicable to blend NPK mix or make pH adjustments in water. Using the organic fertilizer you contribute to the conservation of nature. Buying and consuming 1 gallon of fertilizer you eliminate 0.328 pound of pure CO2 gas from the pollution of nature.