Our mission is to provide a fertilizer with better nutrients, better blooms, better value.

With over 160 years of combined experience in the fertilizer industry, Plant Life offers the professional grower an unparalleled level of nutrient expertise. The Doggett name has been synonymous as the leader in fertilizers since the 1920’s, as is our well-established liquid fertilizer manufacturer, also a family-owned business that has been developing superior nutrient products for three-generations. The collaborative resources and breadth of practical knowledge has afforded Plant Life to develop an unparalleled line of nutrients for both Expert and Novice growers alike; undeniably creating a new market benchmark for which all to be measured.

Plant Life brings professional growers a proprietary line of products, offering what no other nutrient company can offer:

  • All-in-one macro and micro baseline nutrients
  • High N-P-K analysis
  • Robust complementary supplement line

Plant Life’s RUBY | Grow and EMERALD | Bloom fertilizers are highly concentrated formulas designed to ensure high-yielding outcomes. Each product is specially formulated to maximize the plant’s growth potential during both the vegetative and flowering phases. Best of all, their high N-P-K analyses means you can deliver more nutrients to your plants using less product. It’s a game changer for both the plant and the grower.

At Plant Life, we recognize the artistry that growers bring to the table. That’s why we designed a line of quality supplements to give growers the tools to boost their yields. From root augmentation through final stages of flower, our supplemental products work in tandem with our baseline fertilizers to boost the plant’s potential throughout its life.

Plant Life’s fully-loaded RUBY | Grow and EMERALD | Bloom nutrients help professional growers in three ways:

  • Simplified Feeding Regimen – Both products contain all the essential macro, secondary and micronutrients, alleviating the need to use a multitude of supplements, as required with other grow regimens.

  • Better ValueWith our high-analysis products, growers are able to use less product while giving plants more food. In fact, our RUBY | Grow 10-3-5 and our EMERALD | Bloom 5-16-10 both provide multiple times the amount of nutrients than any other fertilizer out there.
  • Promotes Increased Output – Our high analysis base line and supplemental products provide growers with the chance to expedite their grow cycles and potentially add an additional grow to their annual output.

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