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Topaz Finale: Fade Phase Solution

February 07, 2024 2 min read

Topaz Finale: Fade Phase Solution

Topaz Finale 0-0-0 from Plant Life is a Nitrogen and Chlorine free solution, that supplies 9% of a unique triple-source Calcium solution, along with 5% Sulfur designed to supply highly soluble and available Calcium to plants and substrate, while displacing Sodium and Chloride. Topaz’s triple-sourced Calcium (Thiosulfate/Acetate/Carbonate) provides an immediate release as well as an extended Calcium supply for your crops to help ensure proper plant health and protection against Calcium deficiencies that lead to severe plant stress and inefficient respiration function.

Topaz Finale Benefits:

  • Displaces Sodium and Chloride
  • Increased Terpene levels
  • Increases water Electrical Conductivity (EC)
  • Promotes photosynthesis by generating carbon dioxide
  • Fast-release & Intermediate-release of calcium
  • Enhances nutrient availability for low pH substrate
  • Alkaline tank buffer
  • Decreases SAR (Sodium Absorption Ratio) of Irrigation Water
  • Helps in production of proteins, amino acids, enzymes and vitamins
  • Improves disease resistance in the plant

For Indoor Growers:

A shot of Topaz Calcium in the early stages of growth and again just before blooming helps push healthy flower/fruit stages. For the final weeks of flower, use Topaz to replace your Calcium Nitrate or other Nitrogen/Calcium inputs to enhance bud hardening while reducing Nitrogen and displacing sodium and chloride for better flavor and smoke-ability. By ensuring an adequate supply of Sulfur, the expression of terpene-related genes can be enhanced, leading to increased terpene levels.

Outdoor and Soil Benefits:

For outdoor growers who have low soil Calcium or simply unavailable Calcium, Topaz is a great solution. We recommend applications be made to the soil consistently during the early stages of growth. Applications of Calcium to the soil helps displace Sodium and Chloride. Sodium disperses clay and organic matters that can dramatically decrease moisture infiltration and nutrient availability, and high chloride levels can negatively decrease soil biology. Topaz’s 5% Sulfur is in a time released Thiosulfate form which provides acidification benefits that enhance micronutrient availability by dissolving salt complexes in the soil.

**Tank mixing with phosphate product is not recommended.


David Ellerstein
David Ellerstein

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