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Protection Plus™ Eco-Friendly Pesticide

Protection Plus quickly kills Russet Mites, Spider Mites, Aphids, Whitefly, & other insects.

Preliminary laboratory testing results shows that the first application of Protection Plus will kill 98% of the Russet mites, 89% of the Spider mites, 98% of the Aphids, 90% of the Thrips, and 100% of the Whitefly.

Protection Plus is applied to plants to reduce populations of insects commonly found on agricultural plants but also plants found in the home and garden. The ingredients in the formula are generally recognized as safe when used as directed.

Why are there no oils and heavy-duty detergents added to the Protection Plus formula?

Oils will slow the growth of the plants after it has been applied. This is an extremely important point. Pesticides with oil, no matter what grade of oil, must have a heavy-duty detergent added to the formula to make the oil water-soluble. This combination of oil and detergent dries on the leaves and clogs the air passages to and from the leaf and at the same time reduces light to the leaf.

The reduction of air-flow and light is not only detrimental to plant health but the grower will never see top-quality produce. It would also be good to note that dried oils and detergent is hard to wash off and may change the taste and smell of flowers, buds or the oils obtained from the harvested plant.

4 gal./case