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David Ellerstein’s 30-year career as an entrepreneur has borne an array of successes, including 9 years in the cannabis space. Since co-founding Plant Life in May 2017, he has worked to bring to market a line of water soluble best-in-class nutrient products for the large-scale cultivator. The secrets to David’s success are tireless passion, an acute business acumen and unprecedented responsive client services.

Scott Doggett’s family has been in the fertilizer business for three generations, starting in the mid 1920s. He has worked in virtually all disciplines of the industry and, for the last 13 years, has focused exclusively on the cannabis industry. His Growology nutrients were one of the first in the US labeled and sold specifically for cannabis growers, and in 2012, the products were awarded the Best New Dry Nutrient in the High Times Stash Awards.

With the confluence of two 3rd generation family fertilizer titans having an aggregate of 160+ years of combined experience in the fertilizer industry, Plant Life offers the professional grower an extensive level of nutrient expertise. The collaborative resources and breadth of practical knowledge has afforded Plant Life the ability to formulate an unparalleled nutrient line specifically designed to meet the sophisticated needs of cannabis cultivators; undeniably creating a new market benchmark for which all to be measured.

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