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BM100 Backpack Sprayer

The BM100 mist blower is ideal for plant and crop protection as well as pest control applications. Powered by a specially designed air-cooled 2 strokes 40 cc engine manufactured in Korea.

This mist blower has a powerful fan achieving a spray distance of 20 meters. The BM100 mist sprayer produces droplet sizes below 60 microns ideal for insect control and can spray up to an angle of 90° degrees. Thanks to its large 16-liter tank the BM100 can cover an area of 1600 m2 (outdoors) and 2600 m2 (indoors). This lightweight mist blower features include ergonomic back and padded shoulder straps, anti-vibration mounts, recoil start, and an electronic transistorized ignition module.

  • Tank Capacity: 16 Liters (4.2 Gallon)
  • Engine: Gasoline Engine
  • Displacement: 40 cc
  • Spray Distance: 65.6 ft (20 Meters)
  • Application range: 2600 m2
  • Net Weight: 23.4 Lbs (10.6 kg)
  • Warranty: 12 months